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Chelsea offers a variety of training programs that are tailored to your horse's individual needs.


From gentling a wild Mustang, strengthening ground work skills, starting the young/green horse under saddle, or just making sure your horse is safe and confident enough for you to enjoy on the trails and at home.


Training and full board fees of $1200.00 a month reflect the quality care and training your horse will receive at Garland.


All training programs consist of 5-6 days of training, 1 lesson a week with your horse; riding or ground work session (unless scheduled otherwise) , clipping, bathing, ointments/liniments, basic first aid as needed.

Private facility is Bureau of Land Management approved for wild mustangs. It includes 10x12 stalls with SoftStall mat system, a half grate stall wall, and dutch doors that lead to individual 25'x16' individual pens made of heavy duty 6' tall panels. A 60', 6' tall round pen attached to the barn, 120'x80' outdoor riding ring, and miles of trails connected to the property.  Barn owner lives on site. Quality hay and clean water is always available and grain is fed twice a day (supplements must be provided by owner).


**Wild Horses coming in for initial gentling will require a minimum of  60 days

**Horses being started under saddle

Will require a minimum of 90 days in training.

With 20 years of experience in the horse industry, and having the opportunity to learn from a number of well known trainers, as well as being able to work with a wide range of horses, Chelsea has established a way of training that focuses not only the abilities and development of the equine but keeping the safety and welfare of the horse as the upmost importance.


Focusing on the needs of the horse and goals of the owner, Chelsea allows the horse to learn at their own pace while maintaining a visual of the achieved goal. She believes establishing a strong foundation on the ground will lead to a happy and confident horse under saddle.

Extreme Mustang Makeover

Suddenly Still Photography

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